Mr Kenny wins a Maths award: 26 May 2019

The Irish Maths Teachers' Association presented awards to seven Maths teachers at a ceremony held in UCC. We are very proud of our own Mr Colm Kenny for being one of the chosen few. Well done, sir!

Maths Week: 16-20 October 2018
Maths Trail: 27 October 2017

The Maths department organised a Maths Trail to mark the end of Maths Week 2017. It coincided with our Fancy Dress Day. Much fun was had by all! Thanks to the participating students and teachers.

Maths Olympiad 2017

The Irish Maths Olympiad Round 1  takes place in school during tthe week beginning 13 November 2017.  Like Prism, this is a Maths problem-solving contest. Those who do well in the Olympiad are invited to UCD for Maths enrichment classes. After further testing, a final six students are chosen to represent Ireland in the world Maths Olympiad. Best of luck to all who plan to take part!

Prism 2017

Prism is a Maths problem solving contest that is run nationally each year.  There is no prize. Results are entered into a national database where teachers can compare their own school results with the national statistics.  In October 2017, Siofra Kelly (5th year) came on top of the Manor House senior pool and Orit Shiang (2nd year) was the best in the junior category. Well done to all 1st to 6th years who participated and thanks to Mrs Arthurs for organising the competition again in Manor House.

Maths Week 2016

Maths Week Activities: Oct 2016
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  • Images 1 and 2: 1st years made the net of a cube.
  • Images 3, 4, 5 and 6: Students taking part in the prism competition
  • Images 7, 8, 9 and 10: 3rd year students using a clinometer to measure the angle of elevation between the ground and the top of the basketball court.
Maths Success 2016-17

Based on the results of Round 1 of The Irish Maths Olympiad the following girls have received letters inviting them to attend Maths Enrichment classes in UCD: Síofra Kelly, Nancy Wang, Sarah Tierney, Nessa Lyons, Emma Byrne, Aifric Kelly, Ruth Colbert, Alannah Mc Ginley, Joanne Mc Kane, Aisling Boyle, Emma Ormonde, Sarah Snee, Susan Salinska, Louise Chan, Sarah Darcy and Katie Nolan. Well done to all who took part! The first four girls on the list scored an amazing 6 out of 6!

We also give a special mention to Meadhbh Keating, 2nd year, who sat this contest. Although it is recommended for senior cycle students, Meadhbh competed so that Mrs Arthurs could see how a Junior Cycle student would perform. She scored a brilliant 3 out of 6. (Thank you, Meadhbh! DA)

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd years were invited to the Maths circle on Monday, 17 October. This circle will continue on Mondays at lunchtime, as there was so much enthusiasm.
  • Tarsia on first chapter in Algebra, for 5th years, was available from Ms Guinan.
  • The Maths competition, Prism, was held in Ms Arthurs’ room on Thursday, 20 October.
  • 4th years who wished to investigate the theory that the length of a river can be measured using pi, talked to Ms Guinan.
  • All years were allowed to use the trihexaflexagon template and instructions for one period of Maths this week.