School Student Device

The Wriggle Store is now open, to purchase the School Device (Lenovo 300e)  for your daughter. 

We strongly recommend that you purchase the school recommended device for your daughter starting in Manor House School.  This device is designed for teaching and learning and offers a learning platform which is safe and secure for your daughter.

The school device is not just an e-book reader, it is designed to support learning in the classroom on a safe platform which has security features to ensure students online safety.

All school apps will be preloaded to this device and it will also be connected to your daughters Manor House email address and Teams.  E-books when purchased will be preloaded for you.  Manor House and Wriggle will only be able to support the school device.


Please read the attached Parent Pack which explains all the detail of purchasing the school device. Click here to read Parent Pack on Device


Step 1: Go to


Step 2: Enter your schools’ secure login code ( 65720071) and click ‘Login’ 


Step 3: Choose the group your daughter will enter into 


Step 4: Select the device and case (optional) your school has chosen for the students from the store 


Step 5: Enter your details to insure your students’ device (this is optional)


Step 6: Select Wriggle Service and Support 


Step 7: Choose to pay for your bundle outright or in monthly instalments over 36 months with Wriggle’s Parents Payment Plan …and that’s it!