Constitution of the Manor House School Student Council

Role of the Student Council

The role of the student council is to:

  • Represent students’ views to management
  • Be consulted prior to the implementation of new policies
  • Contribute to developing policies in the school
  • Be a resource working in partnership with the management of the school
  • Improve the school atmosphere, conditions and facilities
  • Generate good relations between students, staff and management.

Work of the Student Council

The Student Council will undertake a programme of activities that will support students, parents and staff. In planning its activities, the Student Council will consult with the principal, staff and the Board of Management.

Structure of the student council

The Head Girl and Deputy Head Girl will act as President and Vice-President. In September, each year will elect three Student Council representatives in a secret ballot. First Years will elect one representative from each class. All students are eligible for election if they have filled out a nomination form. A Teacher Liaison Officer will assist the Student Council in its work. The Liaison officer will not have a vote in the Student Council.

Student Council Committee

The Student Council members will elect a Student council Committee which will be comprised of the following:

  • Chairperson
  • Deputy Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Deputy Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public Relations Officers
    (no more than 3)
  • Junior Cycle Liaison Officer

* The first five positions must be filled by 5th or 6th Year students only.


Elections will take place late September/early October each year. Every member of the Council will have the opportunity to put themselves forward for a position on the Council Committee. Students who are interested in a position must stand up before the Council and give reasons as to why they should be voted onto the Committee. The student with the most votes will assume their position on the Committee.

Term of Office

The term of office for every member on the Council is one year. Students may run for the Council the following year if they so wish.


The student council reserves the right to form sub-committees. A sub-committee will consist of at least 3 members, with at least one member from Junior Cycle and one member from Senior Cycle. The planned activities of a sub committee must be submitted to the council for approval. Sub-committees must report regularly to the council on their progress.

Finance and fund-raising

The Student Council Treasurer will keep an up-to-date and accurate account of all money raised by the council and will provide a report to the council at the last council meeting of the year. The Student Council will consult and co-operate with the management, staff and parents when planning fund-raising activities.

Meetings and decision – making

The Student Council will meet fortnightly at lunchtimes. All council members must be given at least one week’s notice of a meeting. At least two thirds of the council members must be present for a decision to be made. When making a decision, any member may call for a vote to be held. A decision is determined by a simple majority. In the event of a split vote, the Chairperson has the casting vote.

An agenda is set in advance and adhered to. An attendance record is kept and minutes are taken. All council members have an equal say and are expected to contribute to each meeting. All contributions to the meeting must be made through the Chairperson. All issues discussed at meetings must be treated with discretion, respect and confidentiality. There should be no uncomplimentary mention of staff, management or pupil by name or implication.

Code of Conduct

All members must agree to :

  • Attend fortnightly meetings
  • Be actively involved in Council meetings
  • Represent their year group to the best of their ability
  • Stand united behind council-made decisions
  • Adhere to the specifications of the contract signed upon election to the Student Council
  • Abide by the school rules.

Public relations

The Public Relations Officers will be responsible for communications to students, staff and management. The Student Council noticeboard will be kept up-to-date. Regular feedback will be provided to students and regular meetings between student council, staff and management will be arranged.

Removing members of the council

The student council reserves the right to remove a member if that member fails to uphold the aims and code of conduct of the council or fails to adhere to the contract signed upon election to the council. In order for removal procedures to be instigated, the chairperson must receive 3 complaints from individual members, after which the member in question will be asked to resign.

Reasons for complaint:

  • Non attendance at three or more meetings without valid reason.
  • Failure to uphold the Council’s code of conduct.
  • Breach of contract.

The member in question must be informed of their proposed removal a week before they are asked to leave. A student may choose to appeal their removal. In an appeal, the member may address the council in their defence. After the appeal, the Student Council takes a vote following standard voting procedures to determine the proposed removal. If the council rules in favour of the removal of the member, the member in question must resign immediately. The decision of the Council is final. A student may only appeal their removal once. In the event of a member’s removal a class election will be held once again to elect a representative.

Changes to the Constitution

Proposed changes to the constitution must be circulated to all members of the council at least one week prior to the vote. Normal voting procedures apply. The Board of Management must be notified of any changes.