What do we have to do to achieve a Gaisce award?

Students aim to achieve a bronze (or even a silver) medal by fulfilling tasks in four areas:

1. Community Involvement
Community Involvement is all about making a difference to other people’s lives. Everyone is unique and has something they can contribute to make their community a better place. 

2. Personal Skill
Personal Skill gives us the change to develop a new skill or interests. Working on a particular skill helps to boost our self esteem, develop other practical and social skills, and learn how to set and rise to a challenge.

3. Physical Recreation
Physical Recreation is about becoming physically stronger and improving fitness. Getting moving is a sure way to make us feel healthier, think better and live longer. 

4. Adventure Journey
We plan, prepare and undertake an Adventure Journey over a number of days and nights in a group as part of an expedition or exploration journey. 

Gaisce Adventure Journey