DELF B1 exam: 9 May 2019

Nine of our 5th years sat the B1 DELF exam in the Alliance Francaise. 


DELF A2 exam: 8 May 2019

28 TY students sat the A2 DELF exam in the school. Here they are preparing.

DELF A1 exam: 7 May 2019

Six TY students sat the A1 exam in the Alliance Francaise.

5th years win prizes at French Debates: 30 Jan '19
Bon Séjour en France! janvier 2018

A group of 5th year students along with Ms G Kelly, Mr Montgomery and Ms Fields left for France on Saturday 27 January 2018. They are paying a return visit to the students and teachers from Rueil-Malmaison who visited Manor House last week. Nous les souhaitons un bon séjour.


Voyage Scolaire: Paris 2016

Voici des photos qu'on a prises pendant notre weekend à Paris (avril / mai, 2016). 

Notre-Dame de Paris
La Tour Eiffel
Disneyland Paris
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What is DELF?

DELF means 'Diplome d'Etudes en Langue Francaise'. The DELF is a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of Education to improve the French-language skills of non-French candidates. Manor House students have the opportunity of earning this international qualification in one of four standards, beginning with A1 and progressing through A2 and B1 to reach the highest standard in DELF Scolaire: B2. Allez, les filles! Et bravo!

Echange Scolaire: janvier 2019
French Exchange Feb 2019: The Return Visit
Whole-School Assembly: 12 November 2018

During the whole-school assembly on 12 November, students and teachers remembered the many millions of people who died during World War 1. A group of 1st year French students made and wore the French equivalent of the poppy - the 'bleuet' (cornflower). 

Echange Scolaire: janvier 2018

We extend a welcome to the 24 teachers and students from Lycée Richelieu, Versailles, who arrived in Manor House in early January 2018. Our students and teachers will pay a return visit to their school at the end of January. Amusez-vous bien en Irlande!


Junior Cert: Epreuve Orale
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